DIFFUSERS – Getting the most out of curly hair.

Let the blow-drier do the work for you!

Let the blow-drier do the work for you!

I have been getting lots of questions regarding what a diffuser is and when to use one.

A diffuser attaches to the front part of a blow dryer and is primarily used to dry wavy to curly hair. The diffuser slows the air down enough to allow the waves or curls to form and dry naturally without losing the heat the dryer puts out or blowing them apart. If you have ever tried to blow dry curly hair without a diffuser, you know what the end result is.  Just think about putting a fork in a light socket.


So, how do you use it?  First off make sure you hair has moisture in it, not sopping wet but it needs to be damp.  Using a products that has a soft flexible hold is best, there are a couple different products on the market some are cream based which will give a softer hold, other are more gel based which will give a bit more or a rigid look. Distribute the product evenly though out your hair, remember it needs to be damp.  If you would like ringlets, take sections of your hair and twist them and let them drop down, do your whole head.  If you want a natural look, skip that step.

Let the blow-drier do the work for you!

Let the blow-drier do the work for you!


Put the diffuser on your dryer, I would suggest the MEDIUM HEAT, MEDIUM AIRSPEED options.  Gather a section of your hair and tip your head, place it in the diffuser “bucket” and hold it against your scalp for 30 seconds or so, do this to your whole head as evenly as possible. Alternatively, bring the diffuser right against your scalp to dry the roots first.  Once they are dry , you can focus on the ends. for the top of your head, flip your head upside down and repeat the above process. This will allow the curl to form at the root and give more lift.

Make sure you dry your hair 100% to lock the curl in, any moisture will encourage fizziness if it is left in the hair. DO NOT TOUCH YOUR HAIR!  If you do, it will start to frizz again. Feel fee to grab a little more of your products and scrunch it into your dry hair to eliminate any frizz the drying process created.

I hope this helps~





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